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Does It Really Matter If Your Kid Sucks Their Thumb

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If you have a young child then perhaps they suck their fingers or thumb quite regularly. It all depends on their age as thumb sucking and finger sucking is quite natural in young children and is a way for them to comfort or entertain themselves. Get to know more about thumb sucking glove via

Most Thumb Sucking Will Stop course with Age 5

When they enter their preschool years, children are far fewer will suck their thumbs, especially because this could be the age when they begin to be teased by other children. At this stage, the thumb sucking can also cause dental problems and a child still sucking a finger or thumb at the age of 5 can develop problems like the permanent teeth start to come through.

These habits not only affect the composition of their teeth, increasing the chance they have an abnormal bite or overbite, also can make it harder for them to make certain sounds such as the sound of S and they can develop speech problems.

Active Kids Getting Involved in Breaking the Habit

Positive reinforcement can often work well and can be as simple as making a progress graph with prizes at the end of the week does not suck your thumb. Get your child involved actively in the process by discussing with them how much they are allowed slipups in one week and they can choose to use the reward sticker or a progress chart.

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