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Commercial Mortgage Brokers – What Are They Good For?

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A commercial mortgage broker should save their clients time, aggravation and of course money. The bottom line is that the commercial mortgage broker experience and expertise should be valuable to the borrower, who may have little knowledge of these often complex and daunting process of closing a commercial mortgage.

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More specifically some of the benefits of working with a commercial mortgage broker include:

  • Introducing you to a loan program that is not offered by your local bank – A most commercial mortgage broker will be able to introduce the borrower for the loan program. Lenders who offer loans untraditional programs do not have a bank branch. Instead, lenders are dependent on mortgage brokers to generate their loans. Thus, the broker can provide more choices to the borrowers they serve.
  • Brokers can provide lenders solid recommendations based on industry experience – The issues are more important, as lenders re-trading of their borrowers, loan closing real and not just take the application fee or an underwriting process that is very "painful" is where the broker getting his charges. This knowledge is only gained by being involved day to day in the industry and by closing many commercial loans.
  • Brokers are on the same side of the table as a borrower – We paid for the loans close. Obviously – but when compared with bank loans off icier, namely salaries and have a weekly meeting this quota, quota weekly application, etc. The agenda may not only have to figure out the best route to get your loan closed.

Not all brokers have the same expertise or experience, but commercial mortgage brokers have earned a place in the business and can assist borrowers in securing a commercial mortgage.

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