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Introduction to Optical Fiber

Optical Fibre is a transmitting cable device that is very thin in shape like a thread. Principally it is a wired system that is used by diverse companies to exchange information in a trouble-free approach. Through these messages are transmitted in the form of images, voice, and so on with the help of light.

For the brief details about the working and usages of optical fiber, you may have a look at this

Optical Fiber

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Applications of optical fiber:   


Optical fiber is very beneficial in terms of medical as it treated as the light guiding tool that gives the way to laser surgery.

Television Cables:

As it has a rich source of signal catching power and is cheaper. It has more reliability due to the reason of one cable requirement for the hundreds of monitoring systems.


It assists in the transmission of data from the source to the designation. With the help of this technology has updated because it has an advanced level of transmitting the digital signals.

Defense Security:

In defense, there is a requirement of tight security because confidential information is transmitted. It is also useful in aircraft, underwater submarines and so on.

Industries and Mechanics:

It provides the amenity of assessment of space shuttles and rockets. It arrives in those areas where a normal person cannot reach.

As time changes, the usage of optical fiber increases and it helps in the development and growth of technology.