What Are The Different Methods Used For Printing T-shirts?

Custom printing is a great technique that is often used on lighter colored shirts. The initial installation fee is quite high even though the shirt has a very professional finishing when done by experts. Dyes work well on fabrics such as polyester but are less effective on cotton.

A dye is a liquid that dries when it meets a polyester fabric. When it has dried properly, it hardens on the fabric, so you need to apply heat and pressure simultaneously to allow sublimation to take place. You can check out Custom Sublimation Shirts to get more information about T-Shirt Printing.

This is a printing method that is durable but only really can be used on polyester.

This is the perfect method if you are looking for small amounts and relatively fast. Your design will be printed on transfer paper. The transfer is then placed on the shirt and then heat and pressure are given as in the case with dye sublimation.

Again, this is a great technique if you have a complicated design but it doesn't match dark cloth. The printing is quite durable and tends to last a long time.

This technique involves the use of special soft clothes that are cut into shapes or designs, then transferred to clothes. The design is then placed on the T-shirt and heat and pressure are once again applied. This is good for one-time designs but is not practical for large orders because the right replicas are difficult to make.