Top Worst Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is like a tradition in most homes, without breakfast the day can be overwhelming for some. Breakfast got its name from basically breaking the fast after a long night’s rest. Most everyone has heard that breakfast is the best meal of the day, but what if the nutrition of what you’re consuming is not the best? Does it become the worst meal of the day? Eating an unhealthy breakfast can be far worse than not eating breakfast at all. A healthy breakfast should include high nutrition foods that provide good fats, fiber, and protein that gives you energy and keeps you full for a longer period of time. Having an unhealthy breakfast can do just the opposite, and can cause you to gain weight and increase the risk of diseases.

One of the most highly consumed breakfast items whether for children or adults is cereal. Cereal packages usually include great health claims such as whole grains, high fibers, and great sources of vitamin A. However, that might not always be the case. Breakfast cereals mostly contain refined grains and sugars. Sugar is usually one of the first ingredients on the label list. The higher on the list, the greater the content. Cereal choices such as granola bars are loaded with sugar. They may sound like a great breakfast on-the-go but they are not better than a candy bar. Most of the granola bars consumed are high in sugar, corn syrup, and honey – combined! Large amounts of sugar are a dangerous storm for blood sugar, insulin levels, and other chronic health conditions. Another fan favorite is pancakes and waffles. Although they have more protein than other breakfast favorites, they are very high in refined flour. They are also topped with syrup that is made out of high-fructose corn syrup which may cause inflammation, may lead to diabetes and can cause weight gain if consumed in high quantity.

On the other hand, we have a cake that is disguised as a muffin. Muffins are a morning “breakfast” favorite. They are made out of refined flour, vegetable oil (worst kind of oil), high quantity of sugar, and eggs- the only good thing listed. With an addition to the high content of sugar, muffins are usually topped with more sugar such as chocolate chips, dried fruit, or sugar glazed nuts. Depending on how big the muffin is, you can be consuming anywhere between 30-70 grams of sugar per muffin. Typically muffins are paired with fruit juices, and they are another worst breakfast items to have. Fruit juice is one the worst things to have if you’re trying to lose weight and avoiding health problems. Most fruit juices on the market contain very little juice and are sweetened with artificial sweetener and high-fructose corn syrup. Drinking fruit juice causes blood sugar to rise very quickly resulting in insulin spikes that can cause hunger resulting in weight gain.