“In less than 48 hours, Byron Houston (Houston Law of California) resolved my issue and investigation with the U.S Secret Service.  Their professionalism and straight-forward counsel was invaluable both to my family and in dealing with the situation, which was resolved after the first interveiw.” – Terry S.

“I was facing 2 felony charges and Byron was able to get them BOTH discharged in just 2 days!!!” -Christopher K.

“I was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors.  I originally had a public defender represent me.  My PD did absolutely nothing and tried to convince me that I was going to have to go to trial on all three counts.  I was referred to Byron Houston, who took my case believing he could help me, and possibly get one or more charges dismissed.  Mr. Houston did exactly that. He was able to get one of my charges dismissed and the judge deferred judgment on my other charges.  My entire case will be dismissed in about a year.  If I stayed with the public defender, I would have gone to trial and most likely be faced with a felony conviction on my record for the rest of my life.  I am very happy with Mr. Houston and recommend him to everyone!” – Thomas P.

“Mr. Houston was able to get my charges dismissed entirely.  Before I hired him, I had a public defender.  The PD told me to take the offer from the D.A. which would have put a misdemeanor on my record for something I didn’t do.  Mr. Houston fought for me and got the D.A. to dismiss my charges.  Now, I have no record and feel justice has been done!”  -David E.

Other lawyers I had spoken with were charging double what Mr. Houston quoted, while sounding less than confident and less adamant about seeking a positive resolution for my case.  Mr. Houston spoke with a genuine confidence and worked very quickly.  He was able to get my incident fully dismissed. I found Mr. Houston to be efficient, confident, economical, and most importantly…effective!  If you are looking for someone that has his clients interests in mind and not just in it for the money I personally think that Mr. Houston is who you should contact” Jesse W.

“After I was released from jail and facing a criminal record, I researched and found Mr. Houston.  I called him, and explained my dilemma.  He was upfront with me and provided me with valuable information I would not have had without him.  He knows what he is doing and can help you.  My case was dismissed, and now I can go about my normal life again!” Jesse W.