Taxotere Lawsuits Allege Taxotere To Permanent Alopecia

Sanofi is being accused over its chemotherapy drug, called as Taxotere. Taxotere lawsuits allege that the Sanofi-Aventis failed to properly warn patients or their doctors about the severe risk of permanent hair loss, or alopecia.

Although chemotherapy is associated with hair loss, this side effect is normally expected to be temporary. Lawyers in the case allege that the company knew Taxotere cause a risk of permanent hair loss but failed to reveal this information to patients just for the sake of profits.

Patients were told the statement, “Once you have completed all the Taxotere treatment, hair will grow back.” Plaintiffs also allege that the drug carried side effects for permanent hair loss in Europe and Canada long before it was introduced in the United States. To know more in detail, you can also browse:

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Taxotere is a chemotherapy agent intended to treat head, neck and breast cancers. The general name for Taxotere is Docetaxel; the chemotherapy drug was approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) in 1996. Different brand names for Docetaxel are Docefrez and Docetaxel Injection.

Plaintiffs claiming over Taxotere became permanently shaved after their chemotherapy treatment. They claim that Taxotere caused the permanent hair loss and that the manufacturer knew about this hazard but failed to show this information on the label.

Taxotere lawsuits allege that the sudden and permanent hair loss caused emotional and psychological damages. Plaintiffs claim that they would have preferred a different chemotherapy drug if they have any idea of these risks.

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Though there is nothing you can do to bring your hair back, you shouldn’t forgive Sanofi for such a shameful thing. In my opinion, you should talk to a Taxotere lawyer about your situation. Check over here how you can get compensation by filing Taxotere lawsuit.

For this, you can schedule an appointment and discuss each and everything related to your case. If they find your case right, they could fight on your behalf and help you to get your legal rights.