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How To Get Cyprus Citizenship By The Investment?

Cyprus is the best place to get settle down after the retirement as Cyprus is safe and stable enough for the living. Cyprus has a rich culture and Mediterranean climate that motivates people to get settle down there and raise their families.

Cyprus is also considered as the business hub because of low tax rates and free trades that attract investors and businessmen all around the world. You need to hire the lawyers in Paphos to start your business and earn your living.

Cyprus Citizenship

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There are numerous benefits of acquiring Cyprus Citizenship by investment such as citizens have the right to work within 28 countries of EU and are protected by the authorities of a particular country.

To get the Cyprus citizenship by the investment you should have no criminal background from your own country as well as in Cyprus and must have your own residence in Cyprus. Also, the investor should have a valid passport.


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Below mentioned are some tips that will help you to get Cyprus citizenship by the investments:

Get A Real Estate or Infrastructure Project: If you want to get the Cyprus citizenship then you need to have a big real estate project in Cyprus. You need to invest in the land development project and it should be worth 2 million Euro. This investment will help you to get the Cyprus EU citizenship.

Need To participate in Cypriot Businesses: The investor need to invest in the purchase or participate in businesses that should be based on Cyprus. Make sure these companies or businesses are physically present in Cyprus and should have 5 Cypriot citizens as an employee.  

Cyprus Flag

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Need To invest in Financial Assets of Companies: The investor need to invest in financial assets of an organization that must include the securities and bonds that should be issued by the Republic of Cyprus. For three consecutive years, you need to maintain these assets to get the Cypriot citizenship.