Knowing About Family mediation  

Family mediation is a part of an alternative dispute resolution.  It is considered as one of the core pillars of mediation services.  It is exactly not known how the family mediation evolved. ‘Family mediation’( also known as ’familienrechtliche mediation’ in the German language) is present in a different form in different cultures worldwide.

The main focus of family mediation is to provide a dispute resolution mechanism to the families involved in the dispute. The family mediation tree of services has divorce mediation as its part.

Family mediation is categorized in main fields that are mediation and comediation.

Mediation: In mediation single mediator resolve the dispute between families.

Comediation:  In comediation two or more mediators are involved with a family in dispute.


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The completion of the mediation process is by the use of joint or single caucuses. In single caucuses the mediator caucus one party at a particular time. Whereas in joint caucuses mediator works with all sides.

The family mediation process

Family mediation has the same principle has the same principle as mediation like:

  •    Voluntariness
  •    Transparency
  •    Mutual Respect

Family mediation is progressive in nature. Here parties are encouraged to focus on the future and problem-solving strategies in spite of problem in the past.  This method is also known as child-centered. You can even click here to know more about mediation.

Family mediation has recently evolved in a number of countries.  There are also some jurisdictions where state or government financially assists family mediation services.


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Nowadays you can do an online search about mediators. You can even check their backgrounds, skills, and approaches. This helps you a lot while choosing a particular mediation service such as ‘separation mediation’ also known as ‘trennungsmediation’ in the German Language. If you want you can even take recommendations of your friends, family member etc.

A lawyer-mediator focuses on the legal issues surrounding the dispute.

Mediators should have characteristics that are given below:

  •    Well-trained
  •    Committed to the field of mediation
  •    Reflective practitioner
  •    Who think and try to improve it