What Is Knee Replacement Surgery And Why It is Not Successful?

Knee replacement surgery, even recognized as “ARTHROPLASTY”, which is a common surgical procedure used to lessen pain in patients whose knees have been vandalized due to arthritis or may be due to severe injury, or extreme wear and tear.

Knee replacement surgery in a very short span of time, became an alternate after less aggressive knee treatments like medication or walking supports, have been vexed without success.

In a total knee replacement process, the impaired surfaces of the knee joint are detached and substituted by a prosthetic implant made of metal, plastic, or an amalgamation of the two.

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As claimed by the manufacturers of Depuy attune knee replacement device, it can function well for coming 20 years, but few patients experienced early failure, which necessitated revision surgery.

AND…Gradually, lot many other people came in front filing suits and alleging to get justice while filing lawsuits and asking to recall the device.

People were already annoyed with the pain they were going through and later revision surgery also failed in case of elderlies, because of their age and their body was not responding well.

Knee revision surgeries are usually more tender and aggressive that a first-time knee replacement because they necessitate tearing a defective device that has been flagged into place away from the bone.

Occasionally knee implants damage so lengthily that a reconstructive surgery is required to entirely rebuild the knee before a replacement device can be connected.

This was the reason that Depuy attune knee lawsuit are increasing in number.

DePuy Knee Implant System Failure

The U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration have received plentiful complaints concerning failure related with the DePuy Synthes Attune Knee System.

Patients are filing lawsuits that these devices are failing impulsively, at times within only a year or two of implant, because of:

• Untying of the implant tibial component.
• Tibial subsidence, in which the insert sinks into softer bone tissue adjacent to the knee.
• Change in the position of the apparatuses.
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