Drunk Driving Defense

Houston Law of California is a results-oriented law firm capable of successfully representing our clients facing any Drunk Driving allegation. For most charges, we can appear on your behalf so that you never have to miss work to make a court appearance. You never have to face the judge or the prosecuting attorney, and you retain your privacy and avoid the possibility of running into friends, coworkers or family members that you would prefer did not know about your pending criminal charges.

It is critical to understand that once you are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, you are going to be engaged in a two front battle. One is a criminal case, where the district attorney charges you criminally. The exposure if convicted is potential jail, fines, community service, and mandatory class attendance. The other case is an administrative case, where the DMV will seek to suspend your license for the offense.

It is very important when you first get arrested for a DUI that you immediately contact our law firm. We can meet with you and we can contact the DMV on your behalf to request a DMV hearing be set. We will be able to preserve your driving privilege so that you can continue to legally drive pending the outcome of the DMV hearing.

We currently serve Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County. Houston Law of California can assist you with any issues you face regarding your pending DUI and Drunk Driving charges.