Attorney Profile

Byron Houston is a former floor trader in the trading pits in San Francisco and Chicago. Mr. Houston has extensive experience in the securities and commodities trading financial arena. Mr. Houston gained criminal and civil trial experience in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino County courts working alongside a Superior Court judge as well as for the Orange County District Attorney. In addition, as a private pilot with a love of aviation, Mr. Houston gained aviation law experience while working with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Mr. Houston has represented clients throughout Southern California at various stages of the criminal defense process, ranging from the initial arraignment through preliminary hearing,  jury trial and verdict.

In addition, Mr. Houston has represented family law clients with issues ranging from complex divorce to contentious child custody, visitation and support matters.

Lastly, Mr. Houston has used his diverse background and experience to assist clients with business litigation matters, fee arbitration disputes, civil rights issues, aviation related violations,  and criminal record expungement matters.